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App-V Error 04-00000419


Starting/Running the application

Error Message / Sympthoms:

It took to long until the application was ready for interaction with the users.

The application shuts down after about 5 minutes

Potential Causes:

The application is a Java or DOS like applikation. App-V can not determine that the application is ready for User Input, because the app does not use default Windows Classes.

Potential Solutions:

In the OSD file, SUBSYSTEM VALUE has to be changed from "windows" to "console" (case sensitive).

If it is an 16-bit application, also the VM VALUE should be set from "Win32" to "Win16"


Deutscher App-V Blog (German): http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sgern/archive/2009/07/10/fehler-00-000000c3-und-04-00000419.aspx