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App-V Client Error Codes

When troubleshooting Microsoft Application Virtualization deployments, finding and understanding App-V Error Codes is a cruicial task for isolating an error's cause.

Because Microsoft took over Softricity's error code pattern, SoftGrid Error Codes and App-V Error Codes often are consitent. This means that finding a solution for a SoftGrid error also might often is applicable for an App-V environment.

Because Microsoft encodes software version information with the Error Codes, searching for a very specific code may lead to no result even though the problem and its solution is well known (but maybe for other versions of the product).

App-V Error Code Pattern

App-V Error Codes are dispalyed to the user, logged to the Client Log file and/or written to the Windows Event log.

In most cases, App-V Error are encoded as 3-block results:

(This pattern is based on a blog article by Justin Zarb: http://blogs.technet.com/virtualworld/archive/2007/07/27/so-what-do-all-these-errors-actually-mean.aspx)

The first of these three blocks represent the SoftGrid/App-V version number (hex).

The second block represents detailed soure code locations. Also, the last two characters encode an Error Type.

The last block displayes the actual Problem Code.

Because the first characters will vary from version to version, they should not be included into the search query. You should copy the last two characters of the second-last block and the full last block into your preferred Search Provider, combined with the key words "App-V errror" or even "SoftGrid error"

Sometimes, the log file does only show a result code (rc), this result codes is similar to the corresponding Error Code but does not contain the first (version information) block. Therefor, also "rc"s should be searched the same way.

So, searching for "App-V 6c-00000003" might lead to one or the other usefull result.

Justin recommends to reduce the amount of characters from on the left to achieve a less restrictive search with probably more results.

Cross References

Tim Mangan has created "A Failure to Launch", a site with a Flow Chart to explain the resulting error codes of certain checks by the App-V Client. For all identified errors, there are detailed explainations about their cause, potential solution and - if applicable - Microsoft KB Articles about that. It is a Silverlight application that you can download and use offline as well.  http://www.tmurgent.com/AppVirt/FTL/Ftl.aspx.